iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Status Update

iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Status Update

iOS 9.3 has recently been launched and here is what you must understand about it when it comes to a possible iOS 9.3 jailbreak launch in the foreseeable future.

Following 7 pre-release versions for programmers and open beta evaluators spanning a course of several weeks, Apple Inc. eventually turned the plunge to launch iOS 9.3 download for the public. As the upgrade is loaded to the rafters with a lot of amazing features like Night Shift, the capability to Touch ID protect some notes and whatnot, you should not update into it at this time if you are thinking of jailbreaking your machine in the future.

Apple has bundled lots of bug fixes

First of all, Apple has bundled lots of bug fixes in this particular release. Although it was possible to jailbreak the 5th beta of iOS 9.3, reports with regards to its success has completely perished until the present release. This would mean that the Apple Company could possibly have patched all of the vital vulnerabilities which made the iOS 9.3 jailbreak achievable to begin with. However, we might be completely wrong at this moment.

If, unintentionally or intentionally, based on how you observe it, you’ve been able to update your gadget to iOS 9.3 instantly, then it’s strongly recommended for you to downgrade your device right away to iOS 9.2.1. Yes, in the event that you are curious about it, the downgrade window is incredibly minimal and definitely will last as long as Apple Company is signing iOS 9.2.1.

It is highly most likely we will hear some form of information concerning the iOS 9.3 jailbreak in a short time to come, and that’ll definitely be a thing of joy anytime that takes place. Until then, it is advisable to remain on iOS 9.2.1 and wait for a go-ahead for either updating or perhaps a progress report.

Should you not worry about the jailbreak at all, then it is highly advised to update straight away without the need of thinking twice. iOS 9.3 comes complete with quite a number of wonderful features and enhancements, a thing that we are sure to love.

If you are on iOS 9.1

If you are on iOS 9.1, nevertheless, then you will be delighted to discover that you could jailbreak your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone at once. But don’t forget that the Pangu 9 tool is effective only for those who have a clean installation of iOS 9.1 on the machine of your iOS device. In case you updated over the air (OTA), only then it is suggested that you don’t proceed with the jailbreak. Should you screw up anywhere in between, then there isn’t any method for you to restore back to iOS 9.1. It is possible to only update either to iOS 9.2.1, or maybe the not too long ago released iOS 9.3. The previous will stop being signed in a few days to come, so start making your move now!

How to jailbreak & Cydia download for iOS 9.1 – 9.0 using Pangu latest version

How to jailbreak & Cydia download for iOS 9.1 – 9.0 using Pangu latest version

Pangu 9 is presently accessible for download. You can jailbreak your iOS 9.1 using the most recent Pangu V1.3.0. This is the very first as well as the last untethered iOS 9 jailbreak. This is the main public Cydia Download tool for 9.1. Pangu jailbreak that was made by TeamPangu and was freely distributed.

Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak tool has thought of effective jailbreak features. Pangu jailbreak boosts up the system performances together with amplified battery life with Cydia tweaks. Additional Pangu9 download and jailbreak empowers access for a huge number of free applications through Cydia installer.

A couple of weeks following the release of iOS 9 that will be used by the public, our popular jailbreakers, Pangu, TaiG, and PP stayed noiseless for a couple of weeks after they released their public iOS 9 jailbreak versions. Despite the fact that Apple introduced “Rootless” innovation to keep away from jailbreak, Pangu jailbreak for iOS9 has at long last arrived.

The following are step by step ways in which you can jailbreak your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone devices running on iOS 9 – iOS 9.1 by making use of the latest version of the Pangu jailbreak.

Step 1: First of all, search for and download the latest version of Pangu jailbreak for Windows and Mac. It is totally free and so you shouldn’t be prompted to input a code for registration o anything similar.

Step 2: Next, connect your Apple device with your computer by using a USB cable

Step 3: With the aid of the latest iTunes software, keep a backup of your device. Close iTunes as well as Xcode if you have opened it after taking the backup.

Step 4: You should then disable your passcode (if any) from your settings. You can achieve this by going to Settings, then select “Touch ID & Passcode“, then “turn off Find my iPhone from Settings” > iCloud > Find my iPhone and lastly enable Airplane Mode.

Step 5: Next thing to do is to launch the Pangu jailbreak that was earlier downloaded (from Step 1)

For Windows Users

Right click on the downloaded Pangu application and launch it as an administrator.

For Mac Users

You might get an error message like “Pamgu9 can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”. If that occurs, you should right click on the Pangu9 icon, then on the Menu options, click on Open.

Step 6: Give it some time for to detect your device after which you should click on the blue start button.

Step 7: Now click on the button that says “Already Backup” in order to begin the jailbreak

Step 8: When it reaches around 55%, your device will be rebooted automatically

Step 9: When it reaches like 65%, you’ll be prompted to unlock your device as well as to enable your airplane mode again

Step 10: When the level reaches around 75%, you will be prompted by Pangu to nlock the device and then run the Pangu application. Start the app from the home screen. Search for “Pangu” in your device in case you cannot find it. The WWDC app will also be installed but you can just ignore it because it will be removed together with thw Pangu app when the jailbreak is successful.

Step 11: You wiln then be prompted on your iOS device to tap the “Accept” option so as to get access to the Photos app.Once you tap “Accept”, another popup will come up of which you should tap “Allow” so as to be able to access your photos.

Step 12: The next thing to do now is to wait for the progress bar to reach 100% after which your iOS device will reboot.

Step 13: As soon as it is complete, the Pangu tool will notify you that your iPod touch or iPad or iPhone is “Already Jailbroken”. Then the Cydia icon will appear on the last page of your home screen. When everything is complete, do not forget to disable airplane mode right before starting the Cydia app which will take quite some time to prepare you filesystem because you are launching it for the first time. The app will now exit after all is done and then for the last time, your device will be rebooted.


Detailed Xsellize Repo Installation Guide

With the thousands of Cydia repositions that are now available either by default of by way of manual downloading, Xsellize repo is probably one of the most popular and highly sought-after. For many users of jailbroken iOS devices, they can?t imagine using Cydia on their iOS 7, for example without this repo.

Unlike other repositories such as ModMyi and BigBoss, which are installed by default on Cydia, Xsellize needs to be manually installed. According to some technology and gadget writers, this is in fact one of the best repo even if users have to manually install it themselves on their handsets.

So the next time you just jailbroke your Apple device, you might want to try installing Xsellize on it and enjoy its benefits. Since jailbreakers are still working on the Jailbreak for iOS7, a stable and more reliable version of Xsellize for this OS.

Installing Xsellize 

Detailed Xsellize Repo Installation GuideJust like any other repositories you have already known, you need to install Cydia first on your iOS device before you can use this repo. On top of that, you also need to make sure that your iPhone, for example, is already Jailbroken. Once you have your idevice jailbroken and have successfully installed Cydia on your device, you can now follow this installation process:

Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit >

Once you?ve reached the page where you can see Xsellize among the options, you can choose it and that?s the precise time you can start tweaking on it and customize it to your liking.

When asked to supply the link, please supply the following:

Once you have successfully added the Xsellize repo, you can start searching for iApp cracker then you can now start downloading it. Once the whole installation process has succeeded, you would know if the process went well if you can see xSellize on the proceeding section.

Why Many iOS Device Users Love Xsellize

XsellizeFor iOS app geeks out there, Cydia is probably a common thing, especially for those who own jailbroken Apple devices. When talking about Cydia, it is imperative to also discuss about its repositories like xsellize.
While it is true that there are a lot of repositories out there, the public should be mindful that there are also a lot of not-so-dependable repos that people should be weary about. With millions of Apple device users across the world, there?s no wonder that there are thousands of apps and repos out there.

No matter what Apple review site you are reading, you will constantly encounter pretty much common Cydia repos. For a quite awhile now, there have been few repos that are considered as reliable in terms of their performance.


If you have been searching the internet for the most popular repos, you probably have came across this one. Aside from the fact that its name sounds quite delicious, it became very popular among the users of jailbroken iOS devices. For some reasons, it is considered as one of the leading repositories for Cydia that majority of jailbroken iOS device users find very useful.

This repo is actually best known for its ability to offer the users the chance of playing games that were popular in the ?80s or ?90s. Since this kind of repo is best known for this particular purpose, people who are into newer apps or latest games might not like this one.

How to add to Cydia


Before you can enjoy and take full advantage of this repo, you must first add it onto your Cydia manually. After you have successfully added the repo onto your Cydia, you can now access thousands of apps all for free, even those that are paid apps on Apple app store.

Here?s how to do it:

Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add

xSellize repo:

Searching For The Best Sources of Cydia on The Internet

CydiaFor all users of Apple devices, it is a fact that using a third party app platform is impossible. This means that for as long as you are using a device that runs an iOS software, you can download any apps from other platforms other than Apple?s app store. In order to solve this dilemma, several sources of Cydia, a third-party app platform are featuring where and how to download this application.

Before you can use Cydia, there are things that must be taken into consideration by the iOS device users. First is that one must make it a point that the device has already been jailbroken and second, is another third-party application is needed to use this app.

No Need to Use Installous 

Unlike before with Installous, where user of jailbroken iOS device no longer have to use another app in accessing Cydia and the rest of the procedure. This time, since Installous no longer exist, knowing the alternative ways to install different applications for your iPod, iPad, or iPhone devices is something that you should know about.

Right after you have successfully jailbroken your Apple device, the next thing that you should probably do is to install Cydia. But in reality, not all users of jailbroken iOS devices know where and how to install it. if this is the case, knowing different sources of Cydia out in the Internet will come in handy for these individuals.

Before you can install Cydia on your device, you have your device repositories configured. You can do this by visiting online hubs administered and handled by app developers where the public can have an access to their contents.

Since you can?t fully trust all these sources of repositories, you need to do your due diligence in your research. Choosing the wrong app or any third-party apps can harm and cause detrimental effects to your device.

What is Installous: A Review

Installous1Over the past few years, installous has been widely known as the most popular destination for people looking for online platforms to get cracked apps for jailbroken iOS devices. It has been one of the most preferred places for people looking for apps for their iPhones, iPads, or iPods.

During the time it was first launched, it immediately became very popular to iOS device users because of its very user-friendly interface and one can get different types of iOS apps for free. With the popularity of iOS devices whether it is iPhone or iPad or perhaps the iPod, user experience will not be the same without different iOS apps.

But one of the problems that many iOS device users are facing is how can they get hold of these apps for free, especially since majority of popular apps on Apple?s AppStore are paid. With these platforms like this one, anyone can download and install even paid apps without spending any penny.

Problem with Free Apps

app storeAlthough there are some apps that can be installed for free from app store, these are crappy and in most cases contain bugs. Another issue with free apps is that they are just developing apps, meaning, some of these apps are not that reliable since they are not totally the final versions.

In response to these needs, Installous developers came up with a very brilliant platform that many app developers will surely hate. By just using this service, one can download and install any app from app store for free, even those paid apps.

A Short-lived Glory

Despite the platform?s popularity, this does not prevent its fall. Even before the site has been shut down, it was a fact within the app community that the platform has gaining huge number of patrons among app users. In fact, many predicted its downfall months before.

How To Install AppCake on Your iOS Devices

appcakeThe news about the shutting down of the most popular source of downloading cracked applications has shocked owners of jailbroken iOS phones. But with the constantly increasing need of these portals, no wonder that app developers won?t stop creating alternative portals such as AppCake in response to the need of iOS users.

For those who are familiar with installous, a very popular portal for cracked apps for iOS devices, it was a very helpful portal where jailbroken device users can have an access to different apps. But after it has been shut down for some reasons, the site?s regular visitors experienced agonizing feeling thinking that where would they find apps for their phones.

But fortunately, the hope arrived in a form of many alternatives to installous. For some reasons, the installous has become a major success, which makes it even harder for its successors to surpass its legacy. Since there is a real and increasing demand for cracked apps, considering the millions of iOS device users across the world, whatever alternative will surely become a hit and show remarkable success in the industry.

Today, the AppCake is just among the many alternatives of installous that jailbroken iOS device users can choose from. If you own a jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and you have been used to installous, then you should probably know what are the other portals and sources where you can get your loved iOS applications.

Minor Changes

Unlike before, where users of jailbroken iOS devices no longer have to use third party app on top of the installous, this time, one needs to use two apps for the same purpose. In order to do the procedure that is originally can be performed by installous without the need of any other application, owners of jailbroken iOS devices now have to be familiar with Cydia and a secondary app.

According to some sources and consumer review sites, App Cake is actually the best app to partner with Cydia.

How it works

Before you can access App Cake, you should first have Cydia installed on your phone. Without it, you can?t use it and take advantage of its benefits and features. Another basic but very important aspect to consider before running this feature is to make sure that your iOS device is already been jailbroken. As of this writing, the App Cake can only be used on jailbroken devices, there have been several plans and rumors that this capability will soon be available on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Installing App Cake Source:

Appcake RepoOn the Cydia, add a new source page by following this diagram:

Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add.

If you have tried adding any Cydia source before, this should be very easy for you. There?s really no big difference between the two platforms.

Once you?re on the adding page, you will be asked for the APT or Cydia URL. Enter the appropriate URL. You will be asked to choose from different sources that host App Cake, thus, choose only the most reliable and most trusted source.

Summary of Steps

Appcake RepoAdd the App cake repo

Search and install App cake

Install apps to your iOS devices for free

Official Repo Link for App Cake: