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Download iTools – iDevice Manager

You can Download iTools for your computer easily through many sources. But the legal way to download iTools is through the official site of the iTools developer, Think Sky Technology. There are many other sources through which you can download iTools for free without the overhead cost of the licensing fee.

Download iTools

Why We Need Download iTools?

There are many iOS device managers out there. The most known one, though not very popular is iTunes. This is because it is the default device manager of the iOS devices. iTools is also one such device management application specifically designed for the iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The default device manager iTunes is replaced by the other alternative applications such as iTools.

Why not use iTunes?

As we already stated, iTunes is the default device manager in the iOS devices. Apple Inc. creates iTunes. It serves two main purposes as the Default device manager of the Apple iOS devices and as the media store through which Apple Inc sell media to the iOS device users. iTunes is well famous and popular as a media store among the subscribed users. But, the device manager in the iTunes application is not that popular. This is mainly because of the complex interface of the iTunes and the dislike of people to use iTunes to transfer media files.

What is iTools?

As we repeatedly mentioned, iTools is an alternative for the iTunes device manager application. Therefore, it is a device manager as well. But it can completely restrict you from entering the iTunes media store which can be a big disadvantage of using iTools instead of iTunes.

So, iTools was first introduced around 2011 with the release of the iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads etc. This application was mainly targeted for the iPhones. But soon, most of the other iOS device users started adopting iTools as a device management solution.

Download iTools Latest Version

iTools has given many versions since the first release. The most recent version is iTools 4 which was released in late 2017 along with the release of iPhone X and iOS 11. When you Download iTools through the official website, you get the latest versions of iTools 4, which is iTools

iTools 4 consists of all the cool features which are offered by the iTunes application include some of the additional features unique to iTools as well. More importantly, iTools provides the users with a very simple user interface. iTools interface is more like a combination of iTunes and Windows, with the same sophistication of the iTunes and simplicity of the Windows at the same time.

Features you get when you Download iTools

Media file transfer

  • iTools has the major feature of the device managers, media transfer.
  • Once you Download iTools for the PC, you can pair your device either wirelessly or physically with the PC.
  • Once connected you can transfer media files in your iOS device to the PC easily and very fast.
  • The connection time is slower than the default, but the transfer speed is very good.
  • Further, files can be transferred from the PC to the iOS device as well.

Backup and restore

  • Media files, Photos, Documents can be backed up to the PC from the iOS device very easily and quickly.
  • You can save the important files in your phone this way.
  • Further, you can save space on your devices.
  • When required it can be restored back into the PC in the same ease.

Super Backup and Restore

  • Not just the files, you can clone the whole device to your PC, with all its files and other details as well such as contacts, call logs etc.
  • When required the whole thing can be restored as well.

Battery Master

  • When you Download iTools you get this special feature as well.
  • iTools Battery master is not just a battery manager.
  • iTools Battery manager can give you information about the Battery of your iOS device including the Lifetime, Warranty periods, Producer details, number of full charge cycles etc.
  • Further, in the charging mode, it can control the way your device is charged.
  • It can control and recommend the high battery wasting applications and Background activities.
  • iTools itself is not a very battery consuming application when doing file transfers in the Background.

System Cleanup Tools

  • ITools has a special feature called cleanup tools, which is not provided by the iTunes.
  • It can totally check for the junk files, unnecessary system files, temporary files etc.
  • Upon your recommendation, iTools can remove those files and therefore can free up the system space in the device.

Virtual Location

  • Virtual location feature is a recently added feature to the iOS devices.
  • A virtual location is used to fake the GPS location shown by the iOS device.
  • Some games like Pokémon Go uses the physical location of the user of the game to play the game. For this, the GPS location is used.
  • But, through this iTools feature, you can easily show your location as anywhere you like in the world.
  • But this is very temporary. If you Download iTools for the device and activate this feature very easily for a small period to play your games.
  • As soon as you close the Amp you can go back to the original location of the device.

Application Manager

  • With Download iTools you get an application manager as well, to control the device’s other applications
    iTools can control install and uninstall of the application.
  • Manage the icons of the applications in the iOS device and lets you rearrange them.

iTools Ringtone Maker

  • If you Download iTools, you do not require a separate Ringtone maker.
  • iTools can customize any of the songs in your iOS device into the ringtone.

These are only very few of the features you will receive when you Download iTools into the Windows or Mac PC and iOS device of yours. So, it can be termed as the best available solution for device management.

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