Dr Fone Android – Root & Recover Android 9.0 Pie Data

Dr Fone must be a familiar toolkit which has become famous for data recovering from your Android mobile devices. Therefore, this article will bring you more interesting facts regarding this amazing Dr Fone Android. Keep reading the article until the end.

Dr Fone Android

Dr Fone Android is what?

Dr fone Android is specifically designed by the Wondershare Software group in order to recover your lost or deleted data from Android devices. Currently, we can call it the world’s first and the best data recovering software. It is compatible with over 6000 Android devices in the world and widely used all over the world.

However, unlike any other data recovering software, Dr Fone has an outstanding feature which makes it a successful and reliable source for all the Android users. Let us find out about what are such specialties that can be seen only in Dr fone Android especially when it is compared with other data recovering software in the web market.

Specialties of Dr Fone Android

Everyone knows Dr Fone as the world’s number one data recovering software. Yet, other than that, Dr Fone Android can perform many requirements of Android users. Thus, it can help you to fulfill tasks from the tools consisted of the Dr Fone Android full toolkit. Some of such tools are mentioned below.


Transfer the data like photos, videos, songs, audio and etc from one Android device to another Android device or to another device


This tool will permanently remove files from your Android device so that no one will be able to get access into them.


This is a special function performed by Dr Fone Android. With this tool, you can get inside the main software of the Android device and make changes to it which are not allowed by the specific Android system.

Dr Fone Android can recover all the types of data including videos, photos, songs and other media files and as well as other types of data like call logs, contacts, browsing history and etc.

This can be also used to unlock your locked Android devices due to forgetting the passwords, entering the wrong passwords several times, hardware brakes and etc.

Unlike any other data recovering software, Dr Fone also allows you a preview-ability. So, before you recover the data, you can see what are the lost and deleted data and choose what you are going to recover and what not. This will save you valuable time so much.

Safety and the security are 100% guaranteed when you are using Dr Fone Android. Especially, it ensures that no data leakage will happen on your Android device and protects the valuable data.

Want to know how you can use this amazing Dr Fone Android?

  • Here are the simple steps of using Dr Fone Android.
  • Download and Dr Fone Android toolkit from the official Wondershare Dr Fone website
  • Connect your device to a computer via a USB cable

Follow the instructions.

So, using Dr Fone Android is super easy and if any issue arose, there are many videos available on net which will guide you.

Why hesitate to get this amazing Dr Fone Android for your Android device and experience it by yourself.

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