Dr Fone Data Eraser

Do you believe that data on your mobile device can be permanently deleted? In fact, it is incredible to believe so especially when there are thousands of various data recovering and restore apps available in the web market. However, this article will talk about such an amazing data erasing too and that is Dr Fone Data Eraser.

Dr fone data eraser

Dr Fone Data Eraser

Why do you need to erase the data on your device?

Every day, you delete so many data like photos, songs, videos and etc. Do you believe that they are permanently deleted and can not use again?

Especially, if you wish to sell your mobile device to someone, it is essential to remove all your valuable private data from the device because you never know how other people can use them against you. Therefore, you need to erase all your personal data from your mobile device and definitely deleting them just by clicking on “Delete” would not be sufficient there.

Therefore, in order to find solutions for this issue which concerns the privacy and the safety on your device, the Wondershare software created this amazing data erasing tool for their official Dr Fone Toolkit where you can permanently remove or erase the data from your mobile device.

Special Features of Dr Fone Eraser

  • You might like to know about the special features that are there in Dr Fone Data Erase Tool. Here mentioned are some of such special features in Dr Fone Data Erase.
  • Can erase all the data including your personal photos, videos, calls, messages, recordings, reminders, app data and etc permanently from your device.
  • Supports all kinds of Android devices that are available in the mobile market today.
  • 100% guarantees the security of your device and certifies that neither data leakage nor data loss will happen to data stored on your device.
  • Dr Fone Data Eraser vouches that no external bugs and viruses will enter to your device during or after you erase your data.
  • Very easy and applicable for everyone.No special technological knowledge will be required for you to manage the tool.

How to use Dr Fone Data Eraser?

Using Dr Fone Data Eraser is a very easy process. Here are the steps on how to do that!

First, you need to go to the Official Dr Fone website and download the Dr Fone Toolkit.

Then download Dr Fone Data Eraser Tool and install it.

After that, you can connect your mobile device to a computer by using a USB cable. Here make sure to check whether your USB debugging mode is on because it will make Dr Fone Data Eraser to figure out your mobile device easily.

After it recognizes your device, you can erase the data on your mobile device freely.

In addition, after erasing data on your device from Dr Fone Data Eraser, you can also do a factory reset on the mobile manually which will give out more satisfaction for you. However, please remember not to disconnect the phone or open any other app while data erasing is on its process.

Dr Fone Android Data Eraser Video Tutorial

Dr Fone iOS Data Eraser Video Tutorial

Hope now you know about this marvelous data erasing tool and don’t forget to share this with your friends as well!

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