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WebP converter Mac is compatible with Macintosh Operating System based computers to convert images from the WebP format to other images formats as well as to convert other images to WebP. Before discussing the WebP Converter Mac, let us find out what the WebP format is and what the advantages of this specific image format are. WebP is a new image format designed for the use of web applications. WebP was developed around 2010 by a group of developers from Google along with another sister project called WebM. WebP is an open source image format, which is provided by the google with WebP development toolkit which is downloadable through their site.

WebP Converter Mac

Online WebP Converter

WebP format is designed for the use in web pages and web applications. The feature which enables these images to be used in web pages is that they are smaller in size and high in quality. WebP is an image format converted from the WebP Converter Mac like converters so that the image size of the images is reduced while retaining the quality of the image.

WebP Converter Mac and all the other conversion tools use a technique called compression to convert images to WebP. Images in formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, and Bitmap etc. are capable of being compressed to form the WebP images. There are two types of compressing as lossy and lossless, while lossless compression retains the full quality of the images lossy compression results in a certain loss of the quality. But both the compression algorithms reduce the size of the image rather dramatically.

Advantages of the WebP Format

  • By using the WebP format, it is possible to reduce the time taken to load a web page. If the size of the image is smaller, less time is taken to load the image even with a connection with a lower bandwidth.
  • If we use WebP images instead of JPG, PNG, even the smallest image can retain more quality. Therefore, it is easy to make the web application you design to be the most attractive with the least cost of loading time.

Why do we need the WebP Converter Mac?

It is obvious that using WebP images is much more advantageous than using a bitmap or JPG image in the web page we design. But, we do not usually discuss JPEG or PNG converters. So, there must be a reason for WebP Converter Mac like tools to be popular.

This is because the WebP image format is not as popular as the other formats. Only two mainstream web browsers, Google Chrome and Opera Web Browser support the WebP format and a few web applications too. None of the major Desktop applications such as Windows Photo Viewer, Adobe Photoshop etc. can’t open or edit images in the WebP format. Therefore, if you see an image in the WebP format and download it, then WebP Converter Mac or any other compatible converter is required to convert it back to a normal accessible format such JPG.

WebP Converter Mac can convert even the GIF images to a series of WebP mages and back again to GIF.

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